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The Windows 7 Burger: The Whopper Senior Has Arrived

Here at Popten Studios, we’ve always got ideas percolating, especially in the realm of comedy shorts.  One of our older ideas, a Juan original, involves the Whopper Senior.  I won’t go into it (in the hopes that we’ll one day film it) but will say this–

Japan has officially unleashed the Whopper Senior.  Ahab, watch your back- the great white whale has resurfaced.  And it’s seven epic burgers stuffed into a perfect storm of condiments.  Feast your eyes.  For the best effect, watch this in slo-mo with some Carmina Burana blasting.

And that monstrosity happens to be selling like hotcakes.

The seven-patty burger weighs more than 791 grams (1.4 lb.) and stands about 12.7 centimeters (5 inches) tall. At 2,120 calories, it’s more than just a quick snack, easily exceeding the 2,000-calorie daily diet recommended by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. The promotion was originally supposed to last seven days, but it’s been such a hit that the fast-food chain has extended it for nine more days. “We were surprised that it’s been so popular,” says Burger King’s spokeswoman Nozomi Nagumo.

Only in Japan… I hope.

One thought on “The Windows 7 Burger: The Whopper Senior Has Arrived”

  1. Matthew Brown says:

    America is also going to have a whopper senior, but it is a completely different concept. has a story about it.

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