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Dean Martin, circa 1950s

Top Ten Most Wildly Inappropriate Songs

Sometimes the muse comes to a musician’s door and asks them to write a song that’s downright inappropriate because it’s about all those little things nobody likes to say out loud. Below are ten songs that make you think “ew” or “that’s just wrong”. 10. Jessie’s


Top Ten Keanu Reeves Films

Keanu Reeves: enigmatic, charismatic, a guilty pleasure. He was born in Lebanon on September 2nd 1964 to Patricia Bond, a costume designer and performer. Reeves began acting when he was 9, making his screen acting debut in an episode of “Hangin’ In”, and eventually landing his first major studio


Top Ten Romantic Comedies of All Time

  10. Manhattan (1979) – With one of the best film introductions in history, a brilliant voiceover, and a beautiful usage of George Gershwin’s music ~ nothing gets much better than this little film… except for the following 9 films.Woody Allen stars as Isaac Davis, a TV


Atheism 2.0 a memorable TED talk

I recently started watching TED talks during lunch as a little ritual. This one caught me because of the title. However, its approach to understanding what aspects of religion are ones atheists should adopt and be mindful of is on point. Alain de Botton suggests


The White Roof Project

A couple of months ago I got really inspired at an environmental committee event on earth day. The speaker was Dan Miner, and he spoke passionately about urban heat islands. Two months later I accidentally started a non-profit, and found myself building an epic infographic